Workers strike back

Capitalists and their governments impose austerity on workers so that the rich capitalists will maintain their profits. Austerity is a combination of cuts in workers' wages, the destruction of social services and the stealing of natural resources by corporations.

Workers are starting to fight back. Below are reports from some current strikes in strategic industries across the world.

Workers can link these struggles through international solidarity: Solidarity messages, connecting the struggles and coordinating joint industrial actions.

Metal workers to strike agaist FIAT

Unilever faces global strikes

Mitsubishi workers on strike

BHP mine workers strike

Frankfurt airport workers strike

New Zealand port workers on strike

Chile port worker call national strike

Wildcat railway strike

Platinum mine workers continue strike

Oil workers on strike

Air India workers strike

Cement workers strike

Construction workers discuss strike action

Textile workers strike

Mine workers lead strike wave

Communication workers join wildcat strike

Egypt: general strike

Greece: General strike

Local government workers strike

Plantation workers strike

Cleaners go on strike

Daycare workers on strke

Teachers maintain strike

Burma factory workers win strike