Heroic victory for PALEA workers after two years of struggle

Earlier this week, in an historic occasion for the labour movement internationally, PALEA representatives signed an agreement with Philippines Airlines to reverse a previous decision to outsource and casualise its workforce. Instead the company will now offer on-going, permanent jobs to hundreds of striking PALEA members. The struggle over outsourcing at PALEA has been at the centre of a worldwide campaign against casualisation, outsourcing and privatisation in the civil aviation sector. Their victory shows the power of workers uniting at a global level.
As aviation companies remain committed to increase profits and cut costs, we need to continue to fight in an united and internationally co-ordinated way to defeat these global companies. Even though PALEA has won, they will remain involved in this global fight as they have witnessed first hand the power of workers organising globally. AAWL salutes the courage and spirit of all PALEAN members.
The workers united will never be defeated