Bangladesh Garment Workers' Demands

I am sure you came to know about factory fire on which 21 garment workers killed.
We are in a position of strong campaign and actions with specific demands. until achieve these we will continue and for this continuation , needs a lot of energy , time , forces as well as fuels too.

We need political support as well I am not sure whether you have any scope to contact unions or any other sources for support to continue our actions.

here is the content of our last press conference related to garib fire

 National Garments Workers Federation (NGWF) has demanded immediate arrest, trial and punishment of the owner of Garib & Garib.
They  further demanded arrangement of the payment of Tk. 500,000/ cash to the families of each of the victims of Garib & Garib incident, which killed 21 workers and  a joint initiative of buyers, government, BGMEA and factory owner for greater compensation.

Amirul Haque Amin , president of NGWF made the demands at a press conference on March 13 in Dhaka city.
 Roy Ramesh Chandra, General Secretary of BNC ( an umbrella organization of 14 garment workers' federations and General Secretary affiliated with the ITGLWF ) , Advocate Mahbubur Rahman Ismail, President - Garments Workers Action  Council ( an apex body of 9 garment workers' federations) ,  M Delwar Hossain, Coordinator of Bangladesh Garments Workers Unity Council (  a apex body of  17 garment workers' federations including the NGWF )  and Shahidullah Badal, Coordinator of  National Council to Protect Garments Workers and Industry ( an umbrella body of 16 garment workers' federations ) were present at the press conference and express their support and solidarity with the 7 points demands including the mentioned two.

7 points demands are :

1. Compensation of TK. 500,000/ as cash for each of the dead family.

2. Proper treatment and compensation of the injured.

3. immediate arrest, trial and punishment of the owner of Garib & Garib.

4.  Greater compensation  jointly by the Scorching companies ,  BGMEA, Government and factory owner.

5. Payment of the whole workers during the period of factory closer.

6. Proper investigation by a joint committee included the representative from the government, Buyers, BGMEA, Trade unions and others for the fire of 25th February and other 2 in July,09 and august,09.

7. proper actions to ensure health and safety for the workers and to ensure the fundamental rights including the rights to organize and bargain .

Issuing a 15-days ultimatum to fulfill these 7 demands, the NGWF announced an action programme to submit a memorandum to the Labour Ministry with a procession on March 30th.

Next action programme will be announced on March 30 if the demands were not met by this time.