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India Honda workers continue hunger strike

The dismissed workers from the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India factory, located in the state of Rajasthan, are now entering the third week of their hunger strike. The protests and hunger strike are now based in New Delhi where workers are receiving extensive support, notwithstanding continual pressure from the police. The workers are fighting for the right to organise and have their union recognised by the company. Their fight has seen solidarity coming not just from the industrial belts of northern India, but also from workers and labour organisations from other provinces of India, as well as internationally.

Korea strikes intensify as support grows

The indefinite general strike started last week by railway and subway workers in South Korea continues to hold even as the government increases its pressure on the workers. This coming week, Korean transport workers will also begin a general strike, both for their own industrial issues and in support of the striking public workers. These strikes are a continuation of the mobilisations that started in November 2015 and are shaping up as decisive struggles for the whole of the Korean working class. These strikes are receiving wide support internationally (see here, here, here and here).

Attempt to break Gaza siege fails

An international solidarity ship that had left from Barcelona, Spain in mid September intending to bring much needed humanitarian supplies to the people of Gaza, was hijacked in international waters by the Israeli navy. The ship, whose crew consisted of women from a number of countries, was taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod. The intention of the activists was to break the Israeli imposed siege of the Gaza Strip which is having devastating social effects on the majority of the population. At the same time, Israel also carried out a number of bombing raids on several locations inside Gaza.

Westgate bridge memorial to honour the dead

On October 15, 1970, a steel and concrete slab of the near completed Westgate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia, collapsed - killing 35 workers and injuring many more. This was Australia’s worst industrial disaster and highlighted to workers the fight for health and safety and the need for strong and independent unions. A number of unions will gather this coming Saturday to commemorate this disaster. As a tragic reminder of the dangers of construction work, two workers were killed in Brisbane earlier in the week even though workers had raised health and safety concerns just days earlier.

Bangladesh fatal fire was no accident

A recent investigative article on the events that led to the fire at the Tampaco Foils factory where at least 34 workers were killed points to systemic problems. While the company was audited for its health and safety compliance a few years earlier, many problems were left unsolved. Even with recent political improvements, the Bangladeshi government’s lax enforcement of regulations and laws allows companies to avoid being held accountable. In addition, the ongoing repression of independent unions leaves the workers totally vulnerable. Nevertheless, even against constant opposition, workers keep fighting, looking for justice, a safe workplace and demanding a living wage.

Indonesia fast food workers fight union busting

Late last year, a worker employed by one of Indonesia’s leading fast food chains, Champ Resto, was hit by a family tragedy when his baby died because the hospital refused him essential medical care. The problem had been that the company had not registered its employees in the government health insurance program. When workers demanded they be registered, the company sacked over 80 workers and subsequently transferred another 14 union activists to other workplaces. The workers and their union, the FSMP, are still fighting almost a year later. You can send messages of solidarity here.

Geelong oil refinery workers need your support!

All hands on deck! Workers at Viva oil refinery in Geelong need our help and solidarity! Please come to the main gate on Refinery Rd Corio We need people to hold the line.  Any time you can give will make the difference. Don't let the bosses mess with workers' safety.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win

This will be the 7th day of an ongoing 24 picket in response to budget & staff cuts that are putting workers and the Geelong community at risk.

More info: Geelong Refinery Action Group on Facebook or tel: 0438 673 333

Thailand military ruler stop Hong Kong activist

This week, Thailand’s immigration authorities stopped the entry, and subsequently deported, the Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong. Joshua had been invited to speak at a forum on anti-repression in Bangkok. News reports confirmed that the decision to deport Joshua was taken by the governments of both countries. Subsequently the head of the military junta of Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha, stated that there had been no detention or deportation, but that Joshua Wong ‘just flew over’ Thailand

Destruction and killings continue in Syria

The last few weeks of aerial bombardment in the northern city of Aleppo has not only caused mass civilian casualties, but has seen an increasing number of health facilities deliberatively destroyed. These actions by the Syrian government have taken a devastating toll on workers and their families. The recent ceasefires brokered by the main imperialist powers had very little effect and did not address the issues that led to the original uprising or the massacres that have followed since. Syrian writers, artists and journalists have come together to oppose the present imperialist interventions while a number of international activists have also put out a document calling for food aid, not bombs. Protests against the war, the Syrian government, and the various imperialist countries were held around the world on Saturday 1 October 2016.

Filipino workers facing rampaging death squads

The murderous wave of repression that President Duterte has unleashed in the Philippines is estimated to be killing over 40 people per day. Death squads, whether official or un-official, are acting with total impunity and creating a reign of terror in working class communities throughout the country. Following on from the recent killing of labour activist Ka Lando, an increasing number of labour activists are being targeted, from journalists to farm workers. This climate of terror has also resulted in tens of thousands of people being imprisoned in inhumane conditions in overflowing detention centres.

No to the War on Drugs!
No to extrajudicial impunity! 
Stop the killings!
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