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Cavite EPZA workers occupy factory for regular jobs

The industrial dispute at Seung Yeun Technology (SYTIC) escalated on Friday when locked out workers barged into the factory and occupied their workplace.  SYTIC is located in the Cavite Export Processing Zone in the Philippines, the county’s largest EPZ. The workers are fighting against the contractualisation and union busting tactics by the company. Meanwhile, the factory owners have been letting scabs onto the job while unionised workers are locked out. The SYTIC workers are demanding the reopening of the factory, a return to work as regular employees and recognition of the newly-formed union.

Many workers killed in crane collapse

Earlier this week in Mayong, in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong, a crane collapsed on a building site killing 18 workers and injuring over 50 others. While a gust of wind was implicated as the immediate cause for the crane’s collapse, the reality is that in many Chinese workplaces, health and safety regulations are not followed leading to many deaths and injuries. The creation of strong, independent unions is the most effective way to ensure a safe workplace.

Survivors in Pakistan demand justice and compensation

It has been over three years since the fire at the Ali Enterprises garment factory fire in Baldia town, Karachi that killed over 250 of its workers. The fire was a direct result of the owners’ total disregard for the health and safety of its workers. This week, rallies were held in many cities around Pakistan calling for the owners to be brought to justice and for compensation to be paid out. A coalition of labour and community groups have put forward a set of demands attacking both the companies involved and the Pakistani government for their failures over the last three and a half years.

Stop the Northern Territory Intervention

In June 2007, the federal government staged a massive intervention in the Northern Territory with the lie of protecting Aboriginal children from sexual abuse. On every single possible measure, such as violence against women, alcohol and drug use, incarceration rates, suicides and levels of education, the Northern Territory Intervention has been worse for Aboriginal people. The introduction of the Basics Card, has meant that in reality, Aboriginal people have less access to food and nutrition – to the degree now that communities are starving.  Communities in Alice Springs are trying to raise money to feed people that have been unable to use the Basics Card, and are asking for your support. 
Account Name: Alekerre First Nations Culture Trust (ABN 72898026672)
Account Type: Community Solutions Account
Home Branch: Alice Springs 
BSB/Account No: 035303 / 391168

Worldwide actions support New Zealand meatworkers

The meat processor Talleys/AFFCO group of companies in New Zealand have an appalling health and safety record with workers continually suffering injuries at work. In addition, the companies actively minimise and hide many of these incidents. Labour activists and unions throughout the Asia/Pacific have taken action to show solidarity and support for the New Zealand Meatworkers' Union. Unions in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Thailand have taken action, involving workers across many global companies like Coca-Cola and Unilever. To counter the power of companies and industries that are integrated globally, workers also need to co-ordinate their actions at a global level.

Iranian imprisoned workers to start hunger strike

Two imprisoned labour activists in Iran, Jafar Azimzadeh and Esmail Abdi, have announced that they will start a hunger strike at the end of April to coincide with May Day as an expression of solidarity with workers worldwide. Jafar and Esmail, both of whom have been arrested for labour activities, have released a statement protesting against the government’s labour policies and the ongoing exploitation of workers in Iran. Unfortunately, Jafar and Esmail are only two of the many labour activists who are in jail for the crime of trying to organise and improve workers conditions.

Support the campaign to free Somyot

This upcoming 30 April will mark the 5th anniversary of Somyot Priksakasemsuk’s imprisonment in Thailand under that country’s draconian Lese Majeste laws. Somyot is a journalist and a labour activist. Thai activists are calling for supporters around the world to send letters to Somyot as a show of solidarity with him. Since the military coup of almost two years ago, the situation for human rights and labour activists has increasingly worsened.

Electronic workers strike for the right to organise

Scores of Filipino workers employed at Seung Yeun Technology Industries Corp. (SYTIC), at the Cavite Export Processing Zone in Rosario, went on an indefinite strike this week. The company produces semi-conductors electronic products for major international companies. The workers are demanding the reinstatement of 20 workers fired for union activities, respect for the right to unionise, and for labor standards on wages, overtime and health and safety be applied by the company. The workers are have received strong support by other groups of workers.

Cambodia rams through draconian labour law

The Cambodian Parliament has rammed through the draconian labour law, designed to limit workers’ rights to strike, and puts union registration and deregistration entirely at the whim of government.  Unions and other labour groups have been protesting the labour law, but it was voted up with a clear majority on April 4 without any consultation with labour organisationsBusiness owners requested the rules in 2007 to prevent strikes by unions representing some 700,000 workers in an industry that has grown rapidly, partly because it undercuts China's factories.

Reports from #M19 Global Day of Action for Refugees

As reported last week, anti-racist activists right across the world took to the streets in their thousands to oppose racism and fascism and to stand in support of refugees.  The international day, declared M19, was observed right across the globe over the weekend of March 19 to 21. Check out the photos and reports from many of these actions on the RAC NSW facebook page (see here, here, here, here, here and here.) 

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